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Technical description of the services

Pre-Shipment Inspection:

Lenor Asia proposes a plan adapted to the requirements of each client.A random sampling is performed on a given lot, using an efficient technical plan as required by each product.

This inspection ensures that each shipment is exactly what the importer expects, avoiding surprises and waste of  time and money.

The actual condition of the goods is observed, measured and documented, correcting defects in manufacturing and finishing.

A quick correction of the report, done by Argentine technicians and engineers, allows the importer to decide whether to approve the shipment of the goods or not, or take the best decisions in each case.

Inspections of Cargo:

The good condition and correct manufacturing of the packaging is as important as the merchandise. Our inspectors monitor the quantities of each product and its position in the boxes, as well as the position of the boxes in the container and their good condition, the consistency of the labels with the contents of each box, granting the assurance of receiving each sealed container.

Prototype Inspection

It involves testing to help foreseeing the potential for product certification. The prototype must conform to the standards established for each product, so it is very important to know whether it was properly designed and manufactured. This allows the planning of the certification with the best chance of success.

Factory Audits

Factory Audits provide an adequate assessment on factories and suppliers. The audited items include the purchasing process of raw materials, production, quality control and storage. They are performed according to International Standards in each of these senses. Within the big offer of different plants, advice is needed to decide and make the best choice.

Lenor Inspections offers the following services at origin:

- Evaluation of suppliers of factory-inspection

- Inspections of product prototypes

- Inspections during the manufacturing process

- Pre-shipment Inspection

- Inspections of cargo 

- Survey of nonconformities 

  - Report compliance history tracking supplier 

- Service support during fairs

- Training to the buyer 

- Continuous improvement programs 

- Inspection at point of sale, among other

Awards and accreditations

Lenor performs inspections of products, including:

- Electrical and electronic 

- Bazaar 

- Furniture

- Camping

- Textiles

- Toys 

- Sporting Goods 

- Hand tools

  - Parts and pieces

- Chemicals 

- Motorcycles, quads, karting 

- Bicycles 

- Leather

- Auto Parts

- Machinery, among others

Lenor performs inspections of origin among other regions in:

- Argentine

- China

- Taiwán

- Korea

- Malaysia

- Thailand

- The Philippines

- Vietnam

- Japan

- Myanmar

- India

- Turkey

- Spain

- Brasil

- United States

- Mexico

- Colombia

- Uruguay

- Chile

- Paraguay

- Perú

- Panama, among others


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Test Laboratory

Electrical Safety
Electromedical Equipment
Energery Efficiency
Test of Photometric Measurements
Electromagnetic Compatibility
Directives RoHS, RAEE & REACH
Automotive Industry tests
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Food Industry and Food - Contact Packaging Tests
Fuels and Lubricants Tests
Chemical Laboratory
Communications Equipment tests
Batteries and Battery safety
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Prototype Inspection
Batch Inspection
Sampling Point of Sale (P.O.S)
Factory Audit

Calibration Laboratory

Calibration Laboratory
-Inti SAC


Certification Body

- household appliances
- Electrical Conductors
- Electric hand tools
- Lighting
- Material for Low Voltage
- Circuit breakers

- Technical Regulation Illumination and Street lighting RETILAP
- Toys
- Dinnerware
- Pressure Cookers

Certification of products in Ecuador


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Health and Safety
Non-Destructive Testing
Inspection and Lifting Equipment
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